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Stay like a local

Jan 08, 2017 22:33

fuengirola photo

A lot of people ask me where can they stay when they go to Malaga. And the answer as you can imagine is ... It really depends what do you want to to do.

Definitely if you are going to spend not so many days and you want to live the atmosphere of what Malaga is, I would recommend that you stay in the city centre.

Now if you want to relax and at the same time have the opportunity to visit, I definitely recommend my town which is called Fuengirola.

This place is on the coast, is a really small town, with really lovely people. I think is really international and for me is one of the best places to find really high quality food (if you are a food person). It has monuments that you can visit, and it is well communicated with Malaga city and other places.

If what I'm describing is what you want to do, here is my place which I'm renting for people to stay. I will try to make you feel as local as possible.